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Common Garage Door Questions

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Common Garage Door Questions

For common questions regarding garage doors and how they work, refer to our FAQ section below. You'll find lots of helpful and useful information, provided directly by our experts.

Which type of bottom seal is the best?

While both rubber and vinyl seals do an equally good job of protecting the bottom panel from water, the latter tends to be more durable. This is because it is more resistant to UV damage. It is best if the seal is attached with the help of an aluminum retainer, which is more resistant to corrosion. This also makes replacement extremely easy, convenient and quick.

Why does my garage door keep reversing when travelling down?

Check the tracks to confirm that there are no obstructions causing the door to move back up. You should also check the sensors for obvious dirt or obstruction. If your door or springs are new, the problem could also be due to a spring being wound too tight. Our professionals can provide troubleshooting assistance if you're not sure what's causing this strange behavior.

Why isn't my garage door closing?

If your garage door opener has stopped working properly and won't close, this is likely to indicate a problem with the safety sensors. They could be misaligned, blocked or simply malfunctioning. Check the sensors for visible dirt and obstruction - if there's nothing, call a professional to come and take a look.

Finding a garage door for the right price

The price of a garage door is usually determined by the size, insulation, material, and quality of the door. There are many factors to take into account before the final price gets estimated so it's worth considering your needs then comparing prices based on the requirements you've set out.


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